District Attorney Andrew C. Hamlin

Fayette - Lamar - Pickens

Fayette County

Lamar County

Pickens  County


The District Attorney for the Twenty-Fourth Judicial Circuit of Alabama serves as the chief law enforcement officer for Fayette, Lamar & Pickens Counties. The Office of the District Attorney represents the people of the State of Alabama and serves every citizen of our community through the prosecution of all felony and many misdemeanor crimes that occur within our circuit.

District Attorney – 24thJudicial Circuit



Child Support

phone: 205-367-2070
fax: 205-367-2078

Criminal Investigation Unit

phone: 205-367-9915
fax: 205-367-9918

Restitution Recovery

Responsible for monitoring, tracking and collecting restitution owed by convicted offenders to victims of crime.
ph. 205-367-9917, 205-367-9915
fax 205-367-9918

Victim Services

The Victims Service Division is comprised of the Victim Service Officers (VSO) who provide support for victims and serve as a liaison for the duration of the court proceedings.

Beth Martin, Victim Service Officer
Kelly Crowley, Victim Service Officer
phone: 205-932-6349
fax: 205-932-4523

Worthless Check Unit

- Fayette County: Tuesday
phone: 205-932-6349

- Pickens County: Wednesday
phone: 205-367-9915

- Lamar County: Thursday
phone: 205-695-9126

Office of the District Attorney